Leaving Catlanta

Leaving Catlanta

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
atlanta_skyline1.jpg Its been a great weekend in Atlanta....well except for the fact that the Cats lost. The Kentucky Sports Radio crew has had some crazy moments in town. And as always the random encounters have increased, with some members of the SEC conference (coaches and players) never to be the same. We havent had a great number of posts in the last two days, mainly because we were trying to have fun. But that will change with the week to come as we break down the brackets and get you ready for the best weekend of the year. (1) I really cant think of a much worse SEC Tournament final.....well unless Ole Miss had won today. Florida is absolutely mauling everybody and looks amazingly impressive. I watched every team warm up on the court and Florida just looks on a different level when they are getting ready. The guys have a level of focus that you just dont see out of the other teams. Lee Humphrey makes shots at a ridiculous rate, Joakim Noah barks orders with the best of them and Al Horford works on his post moves, scoring on every shot. Folks have worried about the Gators' focus in recent weeks.....I wouldnt worry about it anymore. (2) Every person I meet who sees my media credentials always asks me the same thing....is Tubby gone? It is the question that has dominated all the talk down here and is the equivalent of "hello" when one sees a Kentucky fan. Most fans' other teams think Tubby deserves another year, but all for the first time dont think the idea of getting rid of him is ridiculous. The media members from other schools are curious as to his fate but I have not found one media member from Kentucky or anywhere else, who is willing to bet that Tubby will be fired. Most believe he is forced to make changes but comes back....so there is your conventional wisdom. (3) I really cant describe to you how deflated the gym was on Friday after the UK loss. The reaction you saw from Donna Smith on television was really the reaction of virtually every fan in the gym. Collectively, no one could believe that Kentucky lost the game, or how they lost it. I have found a surprising number of people who are willing to take up for Sheray Thomas and very few blame him. Most criticism I here are towards the offense at the end (Joe Crawford simply lowering his head and going) and the decision not to foul. But while I thought Sheray would take all of it on his shoulders, most seem to be giving him a break. (4) I know you want to hear the annual Dance Team Rankings. For the second consecutive year, LSU topped the charts......by a lot. Just an unbelievable performance as the LSU girls are to a member, a 10. You simply cant compete with the Bayou Bengals on this chart. Second was Georgia, who gave us a great performance that left our man Barry Booker speechless. And third, in a shock, were the girls from Vanderbilt. They went with the saucy librarian motif and really pulled it off. As for UK, 11th place.....only ahead of Mississippi State. Not a good showing.... We will be breaking down the brackets tomorrow night.....so be ready. And have a great Bracket Sunday....

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