LeBron and John Wall

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Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
john-wall-lebron-camp In  the past few months, John Calipari's arrival has brought a handful of colorful personalities and characters to the Kentucky basketball family.  From the recruiting class to Martin Newton to the mean and nimble one to that handsome devil, Orlando Antigua, there has been no shortage of new people.  Without a doubt, though, the three biggest names are John Wall, LeBron James and William Wesley.  Over the summer, people speculated on what the relationship between Wall and Wesley entailed and, as of this week, LeBron James has been talking a little John Wall to the media.  The Cleveland Plain Dealer takes a look at the relationship between James and Wall and even talks a bit about http://WorldwideWes.  But, it's all not roses (<---that's a pun) in the story. The author actually, whether he means to or not, casts an unpleasant - and possibly unfair - generalization on the Wall and LeBron relationship.
James also recruits incoming rookies for his agent, Leon Rose. Last spring, his pitch helped Syracuse star Jonny Flynn sign with Rose. When the time is proper, it is a fair guess that James makes the same type of call to Wall, though there are probably several agents working more complicated behind-the-scenes angles for a chance at Wall as well.
While he does not that this happens "when the time is proper" and notes that Jonny Flynn as the most notable player it's worked with (not exactly an earth-shattering signing), it does seem to be a bit of an unfair generalization. Or, it's completely true. I don't know. But, I just wanted to let you know before Jerry Tipton did. And, besides, the rest of the story is actually pretty cool.  Happy Sunday. Go Cats.

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