Lee Todd has your back

Lee Todd has your back

Thomas Beisneralmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
lee-todd Most Presidents go out in style and issue a handful of pardons.  With a pardon completely out of the question, though, out-going UK President Lee Todd will head to San Antonio this week to see the basement of the Alamo and demand answers and the NCAA's annual convention.  Todd told the Good Doctor Jerry Tipton that he will attend the NCAA Board of Directors meeting this week and ask for clarifications to be presented for the ruling and for guidelines to be explained more clearly so international recruits will not have to again face the strenuos process that Kanter endured.  Todd told the PhD of Positivity that he's perfectly fine with a top international player landing at a rival school in the future because he's more concerned with giving these kids a chance to play college basketball.  Letting kids who want to go to college actually go to college?  Seems like that jives with what you want, right NCAA? While that's all fine and good, the sexier storyline from the Tipton article is that Lee Todd said he plans to personally discuss NCAA President Mark Emmert's public comments about Kanter with him.  According to Todd, he chatted with Emmert about the reasoning behind Cam Newton being ruled eligible before UK submitted their "new information" on the case.  Based on that little revelation, you can see why he's so frustrated with what he has already called "inconsistent and abritrary".  Because we know you want to know what is said and because we're so committed to giving you the best UK coverage on the planet, Drew Franklin sent President Todd a new belt for the convention. Go get 'em, Lee!

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