Leftovers from the Blue/White Game

Leftovers from the Blue/White Game

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JoJo Kemp is the Old Man of the Offense

"Time flies.  I'm a man now," he told me with a laugh after the game.  The old man of the group had a great game, averaging just over 10 yards per touch, getting 67 yards on the ground and 37 through the air.  But what exactly sets Jojo apart from his competition?  Two of the younger guys are speedsters, Mikel Horton is a power back; I had to ask Jojo what makes him different and he didn't hold back. "I'm a little bit of both.  I do it all.  You know I can run somebody over, I can make people miss, I'm a fast guy too.  You wanna race?"  He couldn't fight back a laugh when he saw my blank reaction.  "I do it all.  I'm all of them combined," he said with another big laugh. All of the laughs went away when the elusive bowl game was brought up.  It's his last chance, but he's not giving up. "Nobody said it was gonna be easy."

It's Gonna Take Some Time for Tate

People penciled in the highly-touted JuCo as a starter before he arrived to campus, but the transition has been more difficult than expected for Leavitt.  The good news: he was here to learn this Spring and has plenty of time before the first game in the fall, a luxury not every JuCo transfer receivers.  Here's what Mark Stoops had to say about him after the game:
"We're struggling a little bit. The game is fast. He's playing some very, some talented guys he and Mason (Wolfe).  We need to continue to bring along and get some depth at tackle. We feel like we're getting some really good bodies inside. Tackle, you know, we need to keep on building our depth and bringing those guys along. But Tate will be a very good player. It was a tough spring, but he'll go back to work and get in great shape this summer and he'll have a bunch of practices next fall before the first game."

Jeff Badet Makes His Coach Very Happy

The same thing happened when I was interviewing Sihiem King.  Eddie Gran popped in with a mischievous smile to make sure he was saying all the right things.  When I asked him if Coach Gran gave him a hard time:
"Coach Gran is real hard on me, but that will make me keep going because that's what I'm used to.  I just appreciate Coach Gran a lot because he's a great coach."
I think Gran appreciated that response.  King could hardly contain his excitement after the big day, leading all rushers with 84 yards on the ground.  "It was pretty exciting for me.  I was pumped up out there.  I just wanted to be consistent, be comfortable out there and show the fans what I had."

Nobody Beats Badet

King showed plenty of speed on Saturday, getting loose a few times on the outside.  Some fans were shocked, asking the question, "Is he the fastest man on the team?"  When the second half came rolling around, Jeff Badet made his own case for the fans, taking a screen pass 85-yards down the sideline for an electrifying score. Badet has always been one of the fastest on the team, but can the young King give him a run for his money? "I don't even know where this question is coming from.  Sci-Fi (Sihiem King) is not even faster than Boom.  The only guys on the team that really give me competition are Boom and Darius West."   They've made sure to settle it plenty of times in practice.  That run reaffirmed it.  "Anybody could tell you who's the fastest," Badet said.  "They know who it is."

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