Less Smooth.....More Buzz??

by:Matt Jones04/01/06
For a Friday night, two huge pieces of news hit the streets. First, it has become clear now that the talk about Ramel Bradley, aka Smooth, leaving Kentucky is not just mere talk. Kentucky Sports Radio (ok well me) has learned that this story does have some legs and comes from a reputable source close to the team. Apparently the decision has not been finally made, but could very well happen. Ramel has always been a bit homesick and is apparently considering a move to a school closer to New York. With Rajon Rondo likely gone, this move would make little sense to me, as it would leave Kentucky without an experienced point guard and Bradley without a starting spot on one of the premiere programs in the country....plus he would have to sit out a year. Smooth told me, just two weeks ago, that he was for sure returning, after spending the summer in New York. That is still my assumption, but I do think this story is not completely fabricated. And in an even odder story, Gregg Doyel (friend of KSR Radio), is reporting that Buzz Peterson may become a new UK assistant coach. Now this is an old rumor that hit about a month ago. I didnt believe it then and I still find it odd now. Why would you leave a Division I head coaching job to become an assistant? Well maybe money, but UK doesnt pay its assistants huge dollars. But Doyel obviously feels there is some meat to this so we shall see. But in the meantime, you cant help but love the prospect of Buzz's hot wife in the stands.

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