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cooper-alice-photo-alice-cooper-620.jpg Last summer, I had the privilege of seeing the ageless (only in theory, not in vanity) splendor of The Rolling Stones, live at Churchill Downs. A spectacular show no doubt, but even more amazing was that Alice Cooper dared to be the opening act. Now, I'm not hating on Alice, "Schooooooool's out...fo...summa" is a timeless anthem of teenage angst and botheration, as featured in the 5 time Oscar winning Dazed and Confused. But come on, opening for the greatest rock band of all time...Alice Cooper? Was Great White unavail...yeah, nevermind. Well, similar circumstance begins tonight as the Rattlers of Florida A&M and the Niagara Purple Eagles jump start the 2007 NCAA Tournament with the frankly named "Play-in" game in Dayton. This game has always piqued my curiosity, mainly because of the injustice of it all. To call it the "Play-in" game, the NCAA is basically telling the teams "yes you won your conference tournament, but sorry, you're still too obscure to put into the field just yet." If the committee is going to continue to place such importance on conference tournaments, then why are two teams who both won theirs relegated to the play-in? Wouldn't it make more sense if two at-large teams were forced to play one more? Then again, to expect common sense from the NCAA would be like expecting Dick Vitale to not have all #1 seeds in his final four (more on this to come later in the week). So watch the game tonight and pretend to be excited for the team who gets to lose to Kansas by 30, after all, it's a "first round" game according to the NCAA. Florida A&M (21-13) Locale:Tallahassee, Fl Enrollment: 12,700 Endowment: Well Bits of tid: Named the #1 University for African-Americans by Black Enterprise Magazine in 2006. Lost to Kentucky as a #16 seed in their last tourney appearance in 2004. Famous Alumni include: US Congresswoman Corrine Brown and Congressman Alcee Hastings, but more importantly, Sticman and M-1 of rap outfit Dead Prez, as well as baseball's Andre Dawson and Marquis Grissom. Here Because: Won the MEAC Tournament Niagara (22-11) Locale: Lweiston, NY Enrollment: 3200 Endowment: not listed, so I'm guessing flacid Bits of tid: THe Bengals of college basketball this season saw 6 players arrested/suspended for their roles in an August brawl...I guess there's trouble to be found in Lewiston after all. Alumni include former NBA-er Calvin Murphy, and NBA Exec Frank Layden. Here Because: Won the MAAAAAAAAC Tournament Vegas: Niagara -9

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