Lets Give Kragthorpe a Big "Thank You"

Lets Give Kragthorpe a Big "Thank You"

Matt Jonesover 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
kragthorpe Next week this blogs shifts into its annual Bring Down the Cards mode. Just as in the two years previous, we will be giving you lots of posts about our dastardly second-cousins from the Derby City and more than one insight about what it is that makes up a Louisville fan. But before we shift into anti-Cardinal week, first a word of thanks. For if it werent for the ineptitude from our Big East brethren, the amazing two weeks of UK quarterback commitments may have never taken place. Both Ryan Mossakowski and Morgan Newton originally were interested in being Cardinals. Intrigued by the quarterback-friendly program run by Bobby Petrino, both young men had Louisville high on their list of potential schools. Last summer Mossakowski was so interested in visiting the Cards that he made a trip to the Bluegrass state. After some convincing from the coaches, he determined that while in the state, he would also visit Lexington, and soon thereafter, the Cats were one of his favorites. Similarly, Morgan Newton was seriously considering being a Cardinal. The Cards believed that Rich Brooks would not be able to tell Steve Kragthorpe how his a- tasted and invited him to Commonwealth for last year's rivalry game. Next thing you know, Stevie gets loose, the Cardinals fall into the toilet and Newton is on his path to being a Cat. Think about that for a second. In just over a year, the Card coach helped take two top 20 quarterbacks and not only lose them for his school, but point him to its top rival. Quite an accomplishment for the man whose office Jeff Brohm measures on a daily basis. If one needs any more evidence of the precipitous drop in the level of the UL program, simply look at these two young men. Both top talents....both were interested in Louisville enough to visit.....both never even considered the school among their final choices.....and both instead headed to their biggest rival. Nice job Kraggie. If either of these young men becomes the talent we think they can be, the Cards may deserve a pat on the shoulder. As we get into the week where the gloves come off with those unfortunate enough to be Card fans, begin this week by maybe giving a "thank you" phone call or email to those fans as a sign of good will. There will be plenty of time to engage in unabashed Card dislike....but just remember, if not for the amazingly inept performance of last year and Kragthorpe's bottoming out of the program, the huge two weeks the Cats have had in football recruiting may have never taken place. The two best out-of-state QB recruits in recent memory both came in part because of just how bad Louisville has become.....doesnt that make it just a bit sweeter?

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