Lets Hug it Out....

by:Matt Jones08/13/06
Tell me you are watching Entourage. I mean you have to be watching Entourage. If you are the type of person who gets enjoyment out of this blog, then you would certainly be getting enjoyment out of Entourage. Ari Gold and Johnny Drama are two of the BEST characters on television and the show is so good that I can even look over the fact that one of the characters, Eric or "E", is so annoying I want to send Maurice Clarett to his house. Tonight was yet another really good episode in the long line of good ones this season. I remember three years ago when a KSR blog contributor and I were traveling across the country and were in Hollywood and saw a billboard for a show called "Entourage." I remember looking at said contributor and saying, "that show has to be awful. Produced by Marky Mark and about four guys living in Hollywood. How pretentious...." But that was before I saw Johnny Drama, and now I am hooked. If you saw tonight's episode, you had to have been happy. Martin Landeau stole the show with a line that came so out of left field that I sat there stunned, something hard for me to do. Landeau has joined the list of Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman and Ray Charles (prior to his passing) of older men who I find way too cool for their age. Kudos to him. Another great episode and it is time for Entourage to get its do.....go get HBO now. Between the Sopranos, Deadwood, the Wire and Entourage, it is really the best tv out there.....well except maybe the "Office."

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