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optimism-784009 After a few days of despair, not to mention a Sunday spent avoiding the television all together to keep from gouging my eyes out (its bad enough that Kentucky lost, but my brackets are busted and I therefore have no one left to "bracket root" for in a completely obnoxious way), I think I have turned the corner. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, the proverbial dawn after the darkest night. Just in case you were wondering (and I have no doubt its been on your mind for days now), here are Kate's top five reasons she's glad that basketball season is over (besides the women, who I will be rooting for tonight against...who do they play again?) 5. No more annoying announcers- If I never have to hear Bobby Knight's voice again it will be too soon. Same for Seth Davis, although Jay Bilas is growing on me- if I close my eyes and pretend he never played for Duke. 4. As a Kentucky fan, I can get back to the things I love, second only to the actual season: hype and speculation. Who will stay and who will go? How good will we be next year? Will this be the best basketball team of all time? Will Cal recruit any Kentucky boys? Will Rex start? Burning questions such as these require lengthy message board posts and staunch opinion defending. 3. No more conflicts of interest- Tuesdays had gotten difficult for me as of late with Lost, American Idol and UK games on at the same time. Of course I chose UK games (despite my husband claiming that I could just avoid all media until I was able to watch a replay of the game the next day. I blog for a basketball site: doubtful.) Plus, my DVR only records 2 shows at a time and then only lets me watch those two channels. So now I can watch Lost, record American Idol, commercial-watch Biggest Loser, and still catch up on the reruns of 16 and pregnant. It's not heaven, but its close enough. 2. Actual normal marital communication- Most dinners with my husband over the last three months consisted of some variation of the following: Mr. Martin: Did Kentucky win last night? Me:Yeah they did. Wall made this awesome dunk and Boogie put a guy in a choke hold. Calipari is just now finding his rhythm as far as lineup goes. Some say Miller will start, but I have a feeling he's gonna go with Dodson since we need that offensive spark. Actually, on second thought that spark might be nice off the bench. So maybe he should start Liggins. Mr. Martin: You have a guy on your team named Boogie? With the season over, perhaps we can go back to talking about how we're feeling and what our ideal goals for our marriage are. Or more likely, I'll still talk about Kentucky basketball and he'll ask stupid questions. Hey, it's what makes us work. 1. I never have to hear about how "so and so" is going to win the whole thing this year, guaranteed... at least for a couple more days....if I avoid all message boards and sports bars...and my dad's phone calls.

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