Lightning Poll: Jay Cutler, Where do you Stand?

Lightning Poll: Jay Cutler, Where do you Stand?

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Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler walks off the field after the NFC Championship NFL football game against the Green Bay Packers Sunday, Jan. 23, 2011, in Chicago. The Packers won 21-14. We all remember Jay Cutler, right?  The kid from Santa Clause, IN who jumped across our state to play at Vandy.  The guy who went 1-3 in his career against Kentucky.  And that was during our probation years.  The guy who was so loved at his orginal NFL team they traded his rear to the Bears for a mid-level replacement, Kyle Orton.  He's the guy who Bears fans love to hate for his huge amount of interceptions and his minimal interaction with the public.  They "love" him so much, Rick Reilly wrote this lovely little piece on Cutler, maybe as harsh an article as I have seen. And then last Sunday, the fit hit the shan for Cutler when he left the NFC Championship in the 3rd quarter with a knee injury.  A knee injury that has been diagnosed as a serious sprain. People have gotten worked up on this story on 2 fronts: That Cutler did not fight through the injury and play in an attempt to get his team to the Super Bowl.  And secondly, that while on the sideline, Cutler appeared uninterested and showed a lack of support for his teammates. On the first front, if Cutler was truly hurt where he couldn't plant to throw the ball, I will give him the benefit of the doubt.  Most QB's would have stayed out there, but Cutler choose to give the reins to another guy.  I question what kind of team leader that makes him, but only he knows how the knee felt.  You could argue that he thought he was injured enough that he couldn't help the team, thus he gave it to another guy.  And as a sidenote, Cutler had played like hot dog water up to that point, so the Bears were not going to win with him. On the second point though, to just stand on the sidelines with your big coat on and not talk to the backups who were playing, or seem excited when the Bears were making a comeback, IS LAME!!  I don't care what Cutler's personality is.  He might be the shyest guy in the world.  But, to not at least FAKE excitement would make me question his leadership qualities.  It's as if Cutler said that if he couldn't make a direct impact on the game then he checked out mentally.  That is pitiful.  So my question to you is simple: DID YOU LOSE RESPECT FOR JAY CUTLER ON SUNDAY? 

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