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The Hardest Fan Base this side of Cameron My homeboys here at the site have done quite a job keeping you up to date on the latest news as we approach the Vandy-UK battle in Rupp today so I'm gonna do a bit of scraping at the bottom of the barrel to find you some news to keep you busy until tip-off. Here's some of the early links:

- Calipari and the team talk about dealing with the loss, Cal goes recruiting and Big Cuz does what Big Cuz do.

- The Tipster has some quotes from Cal talking about the upcoming game today and also drops a big of statistical knowledge: Cal's Memphis teams did not lose two straight games in his last four years.

- It's no secret that Cal has taken some of the loss onto his own shoulders. This is how he figures he can make himself a better coach for future games.

- Would you rather listen than read Cal on Vandy. Here you go.

- A statistical analysis of UK vs Vandy and a prediction from Michael King of ISportsWeb that UK wins 76-70.

- If you liked that statistical analysis, you're going to love this *insert term that means far more deeper than in-depth* look at UK vs Vandy.

- For you football junkies that need a little gridiron in your morning coffee, Allison Tamme, wife of Jacob Tamme, is doing a blog on their experience during the Colts' preparation for the Super Bowl. (HT: Larry Vaught)

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