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Matt Jones12/19/05


Article written by:Matt Jones
Its been a while, so I thought I would give you some good links to start the week.... Over the years, it has often been said that the Christian Right has been slow to embrace trends and keep up with what is current and hip with the young people.....well no more my friend. We now bring you the Christian Throwback Jersey, a creation that blends two of America's favorite things together.....old-school hip hop culture and Old Testament books of the Bible. Perfect for the child in your family who likes to taunt his fellow classmates during pickup basketball, but then thanks God for his success during the post game interview. Ron Artest proves the old adage that one should be careful if he lives in a glass house about throwing stones. When confronted with recent criticism from Magic Johnson about Artest not deserving a "second chance," Artest responded with this diddy showcasing the hypocrisy of Magic and wondering if his wife was a giver of "second chances." You will never look at your 70s Sports heroes again after seeing these pictures of famous male athletes modeling in their skivvies. Included is attorney and former Bengals QB Ken Anderson who, like all of these guys, truly creeps me out in these pictures. The picture of Pete Rose is really disturbing. Finally, Kentucky fans are often considered the best in college basketball. However this sign at the UK-UL game this weekend may change that. It may not be clever, but it is unique. That is all for now.

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