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charlesramsey-threegoggles Matt and Drew got up at the crack of dawn this morning to go to Floyd County to meet Charles Ramsey, but it was worth it in the end. Charles finally made his appearance on Kentucky Sports Radio to talk about discovering the three girls trapped next door to him, what his life's been like since then, and his favorite UK player. It's pure gold, and I don't to spoil it, but here are a few teasers: -- Since he gets free McDonald's now, he says he sometimes travels to four or five locations a day to get his free burgers, and they recognize him now. "Hey, that's you!" "Yeah, now give me a Big Mac." -- What he'd like to do with the kidnapper, Ariel Castro: "I'd like to pay his $8 million dollar bond and ship him to Puerto Rico." -- Get on his bad side and he'll cut off your head and kick it like a soccer ball down the street. -- He wants to know why people in Lexington spit on Rick Pitino. -- He is a Rex Chapman man. -- So. much. more. Listen now. Ramsey comes on in the last twenty minutes of the show, but tune in early to hear Matt's mini-meltdown about whether or not he'll make it. LISTEN TO KENTUCKY SPORTS RADIO

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