LISTEN TO ME, Digger! BBN never forgets.

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


Way back in November when I looked at the schedule to prepare for the season, I brought out my highlighter (which did NOT match my outfit) and put a big circle around February 23rd. Sure, Kentucky vs. Missouri was a big conference matchup, but more importantly, ESPN's College GameDay was coming to town. We would finally have a chance to greet Digger Phelps after he scolded Kentucky fans for attending Vanderbilt's GameDay tapings the season before. In case you forgot about that, I've included my video of his speech above. I warn you, your blood pressure will rise a little bit when you watch it. Lost in the malaise of the Cats' recent struggles has been tomorrow's reunion with Digger. Even his fellow GameDay hosts seemed taken aback by his speech, and teased him about it on air. All of the videos of his outburst have been pulled from the internet except for the one above, and don't think for a second that we're going to let Digger forget about it. If you're attending the GameDay tapings tomorrow morning, I encourage you to give Digger the welcome he gave those of us who got up early on a snowy Saturday morning in Nashville to show our support for the Cats only to be forced to sit in rafters and scolded. Don't be cruel, be clever. Share your sign ideas in the comments section. LISTEN TO ME **clap clap clapclapclap** LISTEN TO ME **clap clap clapclapclap** LISTEN TO ME **clap clap clapclapclap**

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