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Listening to Karl Towns on Calipari's podcast will make you miss Karl Towns

[caption id="attachment_211276" align="alignnone" width="980"]Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] With his team at a crossroads, John Calipari brought Karl Towns, one of his most beloved former players, on his podcast to share some insight on the process a young team goes through during the year. Before beginning his interview with Karl, Cal opens up about the reboot, and how he hopes it will solve the issues from the past three weeks. "This team I'm coaching now, we just had to do a reboot," Cal said. "I think when people watch us in the next couple of weeks, they'll say, wow, they're getting better. Right now, I'll tell you, the last three weeks, we went downhill. And, Karl talks about the process, and it is a process, and that's what we're going through now." Karl, who has been a vocal critic of this group at times, makes some great points about his squad, which may have only lost one game but was built around a core group of veterans who knew what it was like to fight back from rock bottom to the national championship game. That guidance, Karl said, was invaluable. "Everything takes time. People don't realize that yeah, we went undefeated for so long; it wasn't because we just all came together at one time and made it happen, it was because the year before, they had the experiences of knowing how it feels to lose, feeling what losing takes. You understand how it is to lose in college, so when we came in the next year, me, Trey, Devin, Tyler, all we did was ask them a question and Willie, Andrew, Aaron, Alex, everyone knew how it was, what they had to do lose and what they had to do to win and all they had to do was tell us and we followed by their side." Awesome stuff from Karl, and definitely worth a listen on iTunes, Podbay, Stitcher, etc. Or you can listen below: If you're one of those grumbling that Cal shouldn't be putting out podcasts while his team's struggling, this article from Front Office Sports will help you remember one reason why the podcast is important: it's another way Cal's staying ahead of the game, especially when it comes to recruiting.

In a time when continuous NCAA violations are handed down to coaches, trust is of the upmost importance to a parent of a recruit. Listening to Calipari’s podcast makes you feel as if you are sitting beside him in a private room, conversing over a steaming cup of coffee.

What parent wouldn’t want that guy as their kids coach?

To be successful, it is pertinent to stay a few steps ahead of your competition. By bringing on iconic people from all walks of life, it allows Coach Cal to appear well-rounded and flexible; something every young player wants in a coach.

It's true.

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