Lolo Jones' Wednesday News and Views
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Lolo Jones' Wednesday News and Views

Matt Jonesover 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
lolo-jones.jpg For the most part, the Olympics is always about those that win and win big. If the Games were to end today, it is clear that names like Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, and Shawn Johnson would be remembered as winners to represent this Olympics Games for the future. But what about the losers? When I watch the Olympics, my sympathies always go to the athletes that end up not going to the top of the medal stand, but those that are left behind. I rarely get too excited watching one athlete win as my thoughts generally immediately go to the person that lost and I end up feeling bad for them over celebrating the victory (unless of course the losers were the French relay team). Never is this more true than in the Olympics, where the vast majority of the athletes toll for four years for their one opportunity at greatness.....and it can be lost in mere seconds. None was more painful to watch for me in these games so far than the case of Lolo Jones (no relation). In the 110 meter hurdles, a deadly fast sprint, which is over in a blink of an eye, but includes 10 hurdles, Jones was the heavy favorite and early in the race, she showed why. Jumping out to a big lead, she neared the finish line, when her foot hit the ninth hurdle, causing her to stumble, her competitors to pass and her to finish in 7th place. In one moment, she went from Olympic gold to heartbreak. She stayed on the track, in the pose above for over two minutes, and I couldnt stop watching her. She worked a lifetime for this day, and in a snap second, her dream was taken. Athletics have that "blink of an eye" way of changing one's life, for both the positive and the negative....which is part of why we watch. But I will admit, that seeing Lolo Jones hunched down on the track crying was a tough sight. To the news....... (1): UK made a decision today that was as bizarre as it was arbitrary, and caused frustration across the fanbase and media tent. DeAndre Liggins and Kevin Galloway were placed on the Prospectus roster....which made everyone assume they were officially eligible.....why? Because they told us that we would know if they were eligible if they were on the roster. However, as soon as the announcement was made, it was taken back with a "dont read anything into that" comment to a couple of reporters. Apparently no "official" comment will ever be made and fans should "tune in" to Midnight Madness to find out if the players are eligible. I am not buying it. Kevin Galloway told Jerry Tipton today that he was eligible, proving that all UK accomplished was having reporters harass the kids personally rather than get the news from the school. And we can assume that the same is true for Liggins. While UK's methods today were frustrating, we must remember the basic point.....Liggins and Galloway are eligible and UK's 2008-2009 team just got A LOT better. (2): The football team named its Captains today, Tony Dixon and Braxton Kelly. Both young men are leaders of the team and are obvious choices for each side of the ball. The role will be especially important for Dixon as he tries to help unite an offensive group that continues to lead the nation in bad reports coming from practice. The latest news is that UK has seen another bad practice on offense on Tuesday and that the coaching staff is now seriously concerned about the offensive line, in addition to the WR position. Some on the line have been singled out for their lack of improvement (specifically Stuart Hines) and you can hear the frustration in Coach Brooks' voice. One can only hope the news improves as we move towards ten days until the big showdown. (3): Rivals rankings were leaked....well at least part of them and Daniel Orton fell a bit, and is currently listed at #22. While I havent seen the full list, and am not sure if it is even out, the fall is not a huge surprise. Some soured on Daniel towards the end of the summer, although I think that had more to do with fatigue at seeing him and the "more we see a guy the more holes we pick" syndrome than anything else from the scouts. Orton is still a stud....dont let anyone tell you otherwise. He still is likely a McDonalds All American and he still is likely a 1 or 2 year player. The day he commits (assuming he does), he will join Jamal Mashburn, Ron Mercer, Marvin Stone, Keith Bogans, Randolph Morris and others as an elite commitment that should be celebrated throughout the state. And for those of you who like reading tea leaves, this message was posted by Terrence Boyd (another stud 2009 recruit) on Daniel Orton's Facebook page today: son son hit me bak im leavin for miami in like 2 days i wanted too ck wats poppin wit you see if we can schedule that up i got all the connects just hit me bak..... ... Be safe Kentucky Forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol So there you go. It was a stellar day on this site with a lot of stuff you might have missed. Here were the highlights: The Return of the Intern on the SEC A Look at Ramel Bradley's New Home in Croatia An Introduction to Ashley, the newest KSR Girl Today will showcase much more....another "Where in the World is Billy Gillispie"? is on tap.....a good story about a blog brush with fame....and a report on the good of the UK football team so far, its defense. That and Tomlin giving you a NTKW.....stay tuned.....

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