LOOK: Butler Introduces New Bulldog, Blue IV

LOOK: Butler Introduces New Bulldog, Blue IV

Nick Roushover 1 year


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[caption id="attachment_281980" align="alignnone" width="1200"] @TheButlerBlue[/caption] I don't think you're ready for this cuteness. You have been warned. Meet Butler Blue IV. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Icon Sportswire[/caption] Last night Blue IV was introduced to the crowd at Hinkle Fieldhouse. This season he'll follow along Trip, a.k.a Blue III, prior to his retirement. The elder Blue will show the pup the ropes over the final two months of the 2020 season before completely handing over mascot duties. Blue IV received a hero's welcome, introduced to Butler's fans like Simba atop Pride Rock. Butler defeated Marquette 89-85. Coincidence? I think not. https://twitter.com/WTHRcom/status/1220916590692175872?s=20 Last week Gregg Doyel and the Indy Star met Blue IV and his handler, Evan Krauss, who explained the mascot-grooming process and tried to describe what it means to be the owner of Butler basketball's next mascot.

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