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Baby Gilchrist (Don't you just wanna pinch his cheeks...then get dunked on) Beisner posted a link to this earlier today, but I thought I'd give those of you who, like me, disregard all of Beisner's posts (just kiddin' TBeezy) a chance to read the comparison of John Wall to Marquis Teague by Rival's own Jerry Meyer. It's pretty good. Here ya go:
As the best point guards in their respective classes, Teague and Wall share many of the same traits. Both are explosive athletes who thrive at getting to the rim. They handle the ball well with either hand and are creative and consistent finishers at the rim. They have a feel for passing the ball on the move and know how to create scoring opportunities for teammates. Both are speedsters with the ball in the half court, but it is tough to say that any player is as fast with the basketball as Wall. The primary difference between the two is that Wall is longer. His length makes him a more dangerous defender and rebounder. On the other hand, Teague is a better outside shooter than Wall. I do expect, however, Wall to dramatically improve as an outside shooter. I think Wall's outside shot will get better, just as Derrick Rose improved his perimeter shooting. In the end, Teague might not be as good as Wall was at Kentucky - but he won't be far behind. Basketball fans across the country will enjoy watching Teague - just like they enjoyed watching Wall.
Another player that could join Teague and Gilchrist in the 2011 class is Amir Williams. Williams visited UK during this past season and seemed to enjoy himself. Scout.com recently talked with Williams, who is now at 6'9"/210 and averaged 15 points, 10 rebounds and five blocks this past season at Detroit Country Day. Williams told Scout that he has also Michigan, Michigan State, Miami, Ohio State, Cincinnati and Duke. He also added that new schools are coming in all the time and that's kept him from even thinking about narrowing his list at this point. Looking further into the future, the Cats have a great chance to land a very talented 2012 class as well. There are a couple incredibly talented big men in that class that UK is high on the list with, Winston Sheppard of Findlay Prep and Perry Ellis of Wichita Heights HS. Here's a couple of video interviews they gave with ESPN affiliates, giving a little insight into what they're currently thinking: Perry Ellis Winston Sheppard

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