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bruce-pearl-yelling There's a good chance that Bruce Pearl coached his last game in Thompson-Boling Arena today as Tennessee's head coach.  With the NCAA breathing down his neck and still no contract between himself and the school, things don't seem good for Pearl's future employment.  Of course, if he's dismissed, it probably won't have anything to do with any of that.  The only reason that Bruce has been able to weather this storm is because he's been winning ballgames.  Now that he's suddenly stopped doing that (Vols have lost 6 of 9), you better believe there's extra reason to sweat through that blazer.  All those fun times and high fives of a few years ago and those dreams of taking over the SEC East seem like a distant memory.  Give him credit, though.  Bruce gets it. On losing to the Cats...

"I do feel it’s a benchmark I should be judged on and I obviously have not done my job in our rivalry with Kentucky."

After starting his career as Vols coach with a 3-3 record, Pearl has dropped 6 of his last 7 against the Cats, running his record to 4-9.  He is well-versed in Microsoft Office, great communication skills and is experienced in telemarketing.  You hiring?

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