Lost and Found: '3—South'

Lost and Found: '3—South'

Matthew Mahoneabout 5 years


image In this Funkhouser installment, I rummage through a hodgepodge of television shows and films, some of which are so obscure, you might be discovering them for the first time, others, simply forgotten about, several possibly mothballed and finally a few that just vanished into the ether altogether.  This is Lost and Found:  Episode 1. Students, in particular first-years, are arriving on college campuses all across our country, unpacking their belongings, waving goodbye to their loved ones and anxiously preparing for a new and intoxicating chapter of their life.  The reality is, college life is an exciting time, especially if you live in student housing, despite what the naysayers say.  But remember, always wear your flip-flops in the shower.  Go ahead, make the most of it and socialize, because your roommates and the other wide-eyed yokels you encounter in your dorm will either be the best friends of your life, or one's who will haunt you when you close your eyes at night.  I'm serious, your roommate is probably standing over you right now, watching you sleep, looting your jean pockets, looking for beer money and going through DMs on your phone.  You're going to have to get used to this new freedom, and understand that there's plenty of downtime inbetween your classes and on-campus activities and such to study...up on all your favorite binge-worthy programs back in your dorm. Let's see..now, where did I put that show?  Forgive me, I seem to have misplaced my recommendation.  Oh well, just chill, let me check Netflix, nope.  Hulu?  Negatory.  Surely Amazon has it on DVD?  Alas, the answer is all the same:  3-South, like ZIMA, has officially vanished. Originally airing on MTV2 on November 7th, 2002, the animated series 3-South is the perfect show for anyone who loves cartoon sitcoms.  Set at the fictional Barder College, the short-lived show follows the lives of some really odd students trying to fit in and survive that crucial first year on campus.  If you happened to miss it, you're not alone:  3-South is one of a handful of shows to earn the dubious distinction of a one-and-done series.  In fact, 3-South lasted only 13 episodes before MTV callously yanked the plug, ending its beautiful existence altogether in February 2003.  However, unlike so many other great one-season shows (My So Called Life, Greg the Bunny, The Ben Stiller Show) which too met untimely deaths, yet had subsequent re-runs, DVD's made, or are currently being streamed, 3-South lingers in tv purgatory, completely vanishing off the airwaves and everywhere else for that matter.  Recently, when Viacom announced that they were relaunching VH1 Classic into MTV Classic, a channel dedicated to showcasing throwback, cult-programming of the late 90's and early 2000's, fans of animated shows like:  Daria, Beavis & Buthead, and Aeon Flux, were welcomed into the sorority with open arms, while fans of 3-South didn't make the cut.  But all is not lost kids, thanks to a YouTuber named, Shizava, you can binge-watch every episode of 3-South in its entirety.  Not all heroes wear capes.  Here's two of my favorite episodes...you have 11 more left! Episode 1:  "College Material" [embed]https://youtu.be/VbZOAujsdzA[/embed] Episode 6:  "Fraternity" [embed]https://youtu.be/M_m28aewNQs[/embed] The series was created by and starred Mark Hentemann and Steve Callaghan, both known for their writing and voiceover work on the more widely-recognized series Family Guy.  The main cast consisted of a crude, annoying loudmouth, named Sanford, voiced by none other than Brian Dunkleman.  Yes, THE BRIAN DUNKLEMAN!  Alongside his best bud, a mopey and cycloptic-looking, dimwit named Del, voiced by comedian Brian Posehn, who also voices the dorm's R.A., an uberloser named Todd.  Rounding out the cast is Ed, a stereotypical hick, complete with a catchy laugh, voiced by Hentemann and lastly the inept, Dean Earhart, voiced by veteran actor, Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development, The Larry Sanders Show). As you can see, the animation is reminiscent of Gary Larson's comic The Far Side with writing that's both clever and funny, at times maybe crude, but not nearly as much as its contemporary Beavis & Butthead.  If you were wondering who's singing that haunting tune during the opening montage, it's none other than The Flaming Lips performing their song "Fight Test".  While 3-South was a fleeting television program, it was a really enjoyable one, and it certainly doesn't deserve to exist in a state of oblivion.  Now, pass the Funyuns and lets get started because that Natty Light isn't going to drink itself.  So whether you ended up with:  the clingy one, the loner, the party animal, the slob, the homebody, the vampire, the cleaner, or your best friend, 3-South is just the show for you to watch alone or with your new roommate.

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