Louisville Cardinals: A to Z

Drew Franklinabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


(A)bortion - No, not Karen Sypher's.  That would be too easy.  I mean the abortion that is Louisville football. (B)ackup Dancers - Chubby, white backup dancers wearing dog tags. "Watch 'em shake and watch 'em move - YOU!" (C)hin-straps - The official facial hair of the University of Louisville. (D)erby Tickets - Steve Masiello will hook you up. (E)moticons - If your defensive tackles are using them, then that says it all. (F)ifteen Seconds - to create life.  One hour north on I-71 to destroy it. (G)oogle — Making Becca Manns famous since 2007 (H)airbrush - Don't touch it.  Don't even look at it. (I)t's Happening Here - The official motto of the University of Louisville.  What's happening here?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing. (J)urich - To Tom Jurich! (K)ragthorpe - How's my ass taste? (L)-Yes! - No. (M)arijuana - The official supplement of Louisville football. (N)o Lyin', No Stealin', No Druggin', No Shootin', No Hurtin' Women - Charlie Strong's Five Core Values (O)range Bowl - Yeah, we get it.  You went to the Orange Bowl. (P)apa John's - Better Pizza, Better Ingredients.  Awful Stadium, Awful Football. (Q)uincy Miller - Here ya go, baby brother.  Don't say we never gave you anything.  #SloppySeconds (R)ivalry - Not anymore. (S)tevie Got Loose - Also known as "Don't Give Up The Deep Ball" (T)asers - The only way to get Terrence Jennings and Jerry Smith out of your homecoming party. (U)zis — Give Rod Council all of your goddamn money. (V)asectomy - Something to consider, Coach. (W)illie Williams - Role model. (X)-Ray - says Michael Bush out for the season. (Y)um! Center - Open til' midnight or later. (Z) - Go Cats?

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