"Louisville First" ...In What, Exactly?
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"Louisville First" ...In What, Exactly?

Will Lentzover 10 years


Article written by:Will LentzWill Lentz


A few days ago, Eric Crawford wrote a piece talking about the war of slogans currently evolving between Calipari and Pitino.  Calipari talks about “The Kentucky Effect,” which translates to the positive effect playing for Calipari and Kentucky has on your career – both with the draft and with contracts in the NBA.  Given how Josh Harrellson is now spending his time chilling in New York, I’d guess there are few who doubt the reality of the Kentucky Effect.  Louisville and Rick Pitino have a counter philosophy, apparently embracing the old fashioned college game, with their slogan of “Louisville First.” Apparently this represents putting Louisville First, in front of the teams individual needs.  Or, as Eric Crawford put it, giving it the ‘old college try.’

However, we at KSR aren’t one’s to let a chance to make fun of Louisville pass us by, so let’s have at it.  “Louisville First,” may mean putting the school ahead of you (kind of the oppositie of a players first program, if you ask me,)  but it sounds like there’s plenty to laugh at, so what have you got?

Here’s a few to get us started:

— Louisville First… game and we’re already out of the tournament.

— Louisville First… in money brought in by the program -about the middle in success.

— Louisville First… in Kentucky.  If you don’t count Kentucky, Western, or Morehead.

— Louisville… First!  (That’s a comment section joke.)

So let’s hear it KSR readers, what does Louisville First mean to you?

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