Louisville the only program in college basketball history to vacate a title

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 3 years


The University of Louisville is now the only program in college basketball history to vacate a national championship.

Following the NCAA’s decision to uphold their ruling, the program must vacate all games in which ineligible players participated, so 123 regular season wins and 15 NCAA tournament wins, as well as individual records and stats from those seasons (even for the players not involved, which seems unfair). As a result, they must remove all mentions of their 2012 Final Four appearance and 2013 National Championship.

“From here, we will officially remove the formal recognitions from our facilities, but not from our minds,” Interim Athletic Director Vince Tyra said.

“We believe the NCAA is simply wrong to have made this decision,” Interim President Greg Postel said, citing the lack of precedent.

UofL must also pay the NCAA a $600,000 fine, which is well under Dan Dakich’s original report of $15 million from last month. Here is Postel’s statement on the ruling:

If the banner must come down, does that mean Pitino’s tattoo must come off as well?

UPDATE: KSR was able to obtain this live look at Rick Pitino’s computer screen.


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