Lynn Bowden Leaves a Lasting Impression in First Week on Campus

Lynn Bowden Leaves a Lasting Impression in First Week on Campus

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Lynn Bowden has only been practicing for a week, but he's already made an impression on Kentucky's coaches and upperclassmen. "He did well, especially today. He blocked really well," quarterback Stephen Johnson praised Bowden after today's scrimmage. "I know I threw a pass to him he caught over the middle pretty low.  He's coming into his stride now." Unlike Bowden's counterparts, his plate isn't as full.  Mark Stoops doesn't want to overload somebody who's only been practicing for a week. "Lynn is really coming on.  He's just a good football player," said Stoops.  "It's hard to force-feed him.  There's so much learning involved and he just got here.  The other day he had a really good practice and he showed up today with a couple nice catches.  I believe he's got a really good future." Drew Barker simplified Stoops' statement. "We're just trying to get the ball in his hands and make it as simple as possible for him because once he gets the ball in his hands, he can just be comfortable and do his own thing." When Bowden did his own thing today, he played plays.  On one specific occasion, Bowden caught a third down pass, made a man miss and fought for a first down.  Barker was impressed with Bowden's awareness.  Instead of dilly-dallying around, Bowden wasted no time and went straight up the field to surpass the sticks for a first down. Stoops believes Bowden's competitiveness is what will make him a great player. "I love his attitude.  The kid comes in and he's what I expected in that he's a great kid.  He's a competitor.  He doesn't want anything handed to him.  He wants to earn his way.  The players like him.  He works extremely hard.  He's a competitive kid and he's got a bright future.  It's just hard, it's hard to learn it all." Right now his role is minimal as a returner, but as he learns more Stoops expects to see him inserted into the fold at slot receiver in two to three weeks.  

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