Lynn Bowden on leaving Las Vegas, new start in Miami

It’s been a weird rookie year for Lynn Bowden so far, but after settling in to his new home in Miami, the former Kentucky Wildcat has the right perspective. In his first media appearance since being traded from the Raiders to the Dolphins, Bowden opened up to reporters about leaving Las Vegas just days before the season began.

“The NFL is a business,” he said, via the South Florida Sun Sentinel’s Safid Deen. “It’s a business first. Feelings come last. I learned that quick, fast, in a hurry, even before the trade.”

Bowden didn’t go into specifics about why the Raiders traded him, but during training camp, the coaching staff tried him at running back even though he only played wide receiver and quarterback in college. There was also that report from The Athletic about concerns about his behavior off the field and influence on other Raiders rookies, which Bowden shot down on Twitter, claiming he only left his apartment twice during training camp. Now with the Dolphins, Bowden said he’s just grateful for a new opportunity.

“People are going to talk the way they talk. Like I said, the past is the past. It’s not something I’m thinking about. It’s not something I’m worried about,” Bowden said of the reports that followed him after the trade.

“I’m in a better place, just with myself. I’m happy where I’m at. I’m getting a shot to do what I love to do, and I’m just going to keep going forward.”

Through two games, Bowden has one catch for a one-yard loss and a five-yard run out of the Wildcat, a play that should look familiar to us all.


More good stuff from Bowden at the link below.

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