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Lynn Bowden Rocked a Red Quarterback's Jersey at Tuesday's Practice

Nick Roush10/01/19


Article written by:On3 imageNick Roush


Kentucky began bye week practice with a new player wearing a red quarterback's jersey. Tuesday afternoon Lynn Bowden practiced primarily with the quarterbacks. "He's in the quarterback room right now, for a few days he will be, but he'll need to stay in-tuned to the wide receiver position as well," Mark Stoops said after practice. "The nice thing about the quarterback position for him is the quarterback coach, Darin (Hinshaw), can teach him what we're doing. Maybe it's a good way for him to learn. Sometimes you gotta trick 'em," he laughed. Bowden enjoyed the change of pace, especially in the film room. "The way we did it today, we all came together and watched film as one, receivers and quarterbacks. I'd like to see how Coach Hinshaw kicks it up tomorrow," said Bowden. Even though it was with a completely different position, things didn't feel too out of the ordinary for the wide receiver who's received reps as UK's wildcat quarterback. "It's somewhat similar," Bowden said. "Now that I've played both, I get to know he's (the defender) going to go there, he's going there and my receiver is going here, so I know what to expect from my receivers." While Darin Hinshaw runs him through drills and gets him acquainted with reading the defense from the backfield, the coaches must be careful not to do too much. What makes Bowden great in the backfield is his ability to improvise, which was evident in his 26-yard run that set up UK's fourth quarter touchdown. "We don't want to over-coach him on that," Stoops said. "Even taking him this week and running him through drills, it's really kind of hard to over-coach him at this point; give him the basics. Lynn's a bright guy, you guys all know that. He knows what's going on with the offense, he knows where to go with the ball and that's a big piece of it. Outside of that, I don't think we wanna over-coach his footwork." If he did need a little extra coaching, Sawyer Smith was right behind Bowden, ready to lend a tip whenever needed. "If I made a mistake, anything little, he was there to critique me, get me right, get my steps right and just walk me through the things I didn't feel comfortable in," Bowden said. Even though it's an exciting change of pace for Bowden to play the position that made him a star in high school, he'll be happy to return to wide receiver as soon as Smith is ready to start slinging the football once again. "I'm just ready for him to get back to 100% so we can just get back to playing ball," said Bowden. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTXlq43DvwM [mobile_ad]

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