Machiavelli's Thursday News and Views

Machiavelli's Thursday News and Views

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Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
machiavelli.bmp When we think of evil rulers with suspect motives, who do we think of? Well some would say Bruce Pearl, maybe some even Coach K. But where did they learn how to scheme and grab for power? Well if they were at all an intellectual (or took a first year philosophy or political science course), it might have been from Niccollo Machiavelli's "The Prince." You know that you have truly made it is a thinker when an adjective has been created by your name, and "Machavellian" has become the basis for the ruthless leader who lets nothing stand in the way of his ultimate power and success. Today is Machiavelli's birthday (if he were alive of course), and it comes on the day that Blake of American Idol.....he of the beatboxing and the bad hair...somehow found a way to survive last night's cut and make it to the Final Four. Coincidence? I think not...... To the news..... (1) We waited patiently all day for the announcement of Jai Lucas's final three schools in the current reality elimination game that is sweeping the nation......"will Jai and Pat ever decide?" Of course the night has now ended and we get no narrowing of the list, beyond guesses and "my sources say", both of which and 6 dollars will get you a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks. It had generally been thought that we would hear that UK, Florida and some other school were in the final three, setting up a race to the finish for who would get the young McDonalds All American. But we havent heard anything and now we are left in the same place as the day before. I must say that I, like you, am growing a bit weary of the whole scene. As you know, I am a HUGE FAN of Jai Lucas both on and off the court. He is the kind of guy who can become a solid base for your program and is a perfect foundation builder for the Billy Clyde era. But as I talk to people from all the affected fan bases, there is a growing sense that what most want is a matter the result. But your guess is as good as mine as to when it will be announced. (2) I spoke to someone close to Beas Hamga today who told me that absent an amazing, mind-blowing visit to UNLV, Kentucky looks to be in GREAT shape for the big man. The individual said that Hamga is "very close" to being eligible for 07 and that it is "more than likely" that he will be in that class. Having only seen Hamga play one time, I asked the individual for a guess on his contribution for the Cats next year. "He will play a lot next year, that is for sure. He will become a very good player his sophomore year and his Junior year, he will take over." Strong words indeed.....but remember this is a guy ranked as high as 29 in some 08 rankings, and he has the age to be 07......could be special. (3) Jeff Drummond of the Cats Pause reported last night that UK is back on the radar of number one overall player in America, Greg Monroe. For those of you who havent seen the Louisiana big man, he is as close to a perfect star as you will see coming out of high school.....powerful, mobile, a good shooter, Monroe can do it all. He is looking at a number of schools and there have been mulitple reports that he has begun to expand his lists in recent weeks. While UK, UL and others are in the mix, Duke and LSU are the favorites.....color me shocked if he goes anywhere else. But both local schools believe they have a shot......we shall see. (4) Word from Evan Daniels of that 6"4" point guard Verdell Jones out of Illinois has been offered. I know virtually nothing about this kid, except for the fact that some like his potential. I do know this however.....Billy Clyde loves the point guards....UK may end up with 20 on scholarship in the next few years. (5) I was amazed today by the story about the Memorial Coliseum floor being taken up and the majority of it thrown away. While some spots are being saved, including places with memorable moments, the original floor was trashed and thrown in a dumpster behind the Coliseum. This is truly staggering to me. With a program with such rabid fans, how could UK not choose to sell, or even give away, parts of the floor to the fans.....that is a much better result that simply tossing it into a trash heap. Very poor judgment in my view by the University. Congrats to Tim Couch, Kenny Walker and Bill Keightley who were all inducted into the Kentucky state Athletic Hall of Fame. This will be a good few days around these parts. Marc Maggard is headed AAUing this weekend and will have multiple reports and will be in studio for a bit on Friday. We got Derby coverage.....or at least our version of it. Streaming continues with a Cincy Bengals player on Friday and (hopefully) a recruit on Thursday. Keep checking in for more as the day goes along......... And for those of you that missed it.....Woo Radio: Hour 1 of Woo Radio Hour 2 of Woo Radio (and Tomlin on baseball)

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