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Magic Mike's Magical Marketing

Megan Suttles07/03/15


Article written by:On3 imageMegan Suttles
Magic Mike Hot Dog Before a movie premieres, the Hollywood Movie Machine requires their stars to go drum up interest for the films.  Stars must go on any available talk shows and convince America that they must go see their movie.   Magic Mike is no exception. This week Channing Tatum and Co. were paraded across every stage. I’m not sure if it was necessary to create more interest in the sequel, but the result was one spectacular week of weird and wonderful promotions for Magic Mike XXL. Here are some of the highlights of the Magic Mike magical marketing tour: Magic Mike BBQ Magic Mike Side by Side A YouTube account named “Sausage Party,” remade the entire trailer for the movie found here. I can’t stop looking at these pictures. It looks like Stick Stickly, from Nickelodeon, fell on hard times and now has to dance to “Pony” to pay the rent. Don’t get me wrong, I love the remake and oddly enough, it makes me want to eat a hot dog.   Magic Mike XXL Abs Quiz  People Magazine created an online quiz that asks you to match the abs of a Magic Mike star to the corresponding actor. I’m over explaining the concept. I believe that this is just another opportunity to showoff some non-dad bods. The digital marketing tips People Magazine have been taking are getting quite steamy. I really hope they do a remake of this quiz but with Minions for next week’s movie release. Kid Theatre with Magic Mike Kid TheatreOn his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Channing Tatum and Fallon read scripts written by elementary school children. All of the students just had the title “Magic Mike” to help give them context for the scripts. Having watched the first movie, I think this all the initial writers had to work with as well. Jimmy Fallon can do no wrong.  Channing Tatum could not be more creepy reading children's scripts while trying to be seductive.  Strangely, it is a nice combination, reminiscent of combining dancing hot dogs with movie trailers.  Joe Manganiello’s Interview on The Nerdist Podcast  Manganiello’s interview is probably the tamest promotion for Magic Mike. I added it here because Manganiello deserves more than just having a hot dog mimic his dance moves and ladies ogling his abs. He’s a person too! Manganiello does a mean Randy Savage impersonation. He even put together a live reading of Major League. I’m a real sucker for a Willie Mays Hays reference.  The interview is a nice change of pace from all of the other sassy pieces of marketing for the movie. Magic Mike is polarizing. You are either #TeamMike or #TeamTooMuchBodyOil.  I’m not sure if any amount of promotion can change an audience’s mind on that, but that doesn't mean Hollywood won't try.  

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