Making Fun of Louisville Live Blog (Tonight at 7:30 PM)

Matt Jonesalmost 13 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
ville Tonight the Cards play Rutgers in the Disappointment Bowl. It will be a game for no one and most of the world wont care. But NOT US! We were looking for another excuse to have a live blog, and making fun of the Cards seemed perfect. So beginning at 7:30, myself, Mosley, Beisner, Evan, Tomlin, Turkey Hunter, the original Intern, Fake Gimel, Bomani Jones, Bobby Perry and the rest will be making fun of the Ville on here for three solid hours live. You can join the conversation by making funny comments, the best of which make the blog. If you were here for the one during the UNC-UK game, you know it is old school, uncensored Kentucky Sports Radio. And during this one, we get to make fun of Louisville, Jurich, Jesse Palmer and New Jersey. You want to be there at 7:30.....

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