Malik Monk and De'Aaron Fox get some pre-draft love

Brett Bibbinsover 4 years


Aritcle written by:Brett BibbinsBrett Bibbins
The Philadelphia 76ers have the number 3 overall pick in this Thursday's NBA draft. While there are trade rumors swirling about Boston giving up the top spot to Philadelphia or the Lakers, for the time being, that third pick could be a landing spot for either of Kentucky's highly talented guards from this season. The 76ers Twitter account posted their first episode of "Draft-ology" today and this episode focused on the sharp shooters in this year's draft class, with a good portion of the video being dedicated to discussing Malik Monk. Take a look at what Joe Lunardi here: Meanwhile, Bleacher Report tweeted a short video today giving a little insight to what their lead NBA Draft writer, Jonathan Wasserman, thinks of the best highlight reel worthy players in this draft class. Not surprising to any members of the BBN, but Monk and De'Aaron Fox make up two of the three spots. The draft is now less than a week away, so get ready to hear just about every rumor imaginable. And also be ready for just about all of those rumors to be a complete wash by the time the draft rolls around. @BrettBibbinsKSR

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