Mao Goggles Wants Afternoon Notes and Podcast

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Hunter is studying abroad in Beijing and he tried to add a little Kentucky flair to Tiananmen Square. Mao Zedong gets it. He also wants notes and a podcast. --- We let a quote slip by us last night at the UK basketball press conference. When Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was asked why he plans to buy his mom a watch, he said, "I dont know. I'm just saying stuff to say it so I can get out of here." Statements like those remind us that these kids are just 18-year-olds who are having fun and living out their dreams. They "just want to get out of here." **Out of the press conference, not Lexington. --- I miss them already. --- In Knoxville, Pat Summitt stepped down from her throne at Tennessee to hand the reins over to her longtime assistant Holly Warlick. Summitt is suffering through early onset Alzheimer's disease but she will continue to serve head coach emeritus with the team. Warlick's promotion eliminates any worries UK fans may have had about Matthew Mitchell being considered for the job. --- Former Tennessee football coach Phil Fulmer is under consideration for the Arkansas job left open by Bobby Petrino. Fulmer, who also rides motorcycles,  was contacted by the Razorbacks but the extent of the conversation is unknown. Fulmer would be a great fit to replace Petrino because I can't imagine too many 22-year-olds getting personal with him. --- A KSR favorite will be sitting out when the Blue and White squads go head-to-head this Saturday in UK's spring football game. Bookie Cobbins is taking time off from spring football activities to focus on his academics. Joker said, "I'd rather him be here in August." Come on, Bookie. Buckle down and get those grades up. This team needs your swag. --- Matt and the gang relived last night's announcements and looked ahead to the spring football game on today' radio show. Here is your podcast...

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