Marcus Lee named a loser of the 2016 NBA Draft Combine

Marcus Lee named a loser of the 2016 NBA Draft Combine

Haley Simpsonover 5 years


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lee-combine   The combine hasn't been that great for Marcus Lee. The junior who said earlier in the week that he was 87% going to the draft and that if he returned UK would go undefeated next year, didn't make a very convincing case for himself this week. Lee was statistically the worst performer in the combine with a -3.3 player efficiency rating. Because of that, CBS Sports has named Lee one of the losers of this year's combine.

"Lee was one of the more surprising invites -- ranking at No. 111 on the CBS Sports Big Board -- and he did little to change that. He did not test as well athletically as anticipated, and really struggled in game settings. Not only was he ineffectual defensively, but he didn't play within his skill set offensively and tried to do too much."

I guess all that's left now is a giant game of will he stay or will he go? To read the rest of the article and see who the other winners and losers were, click here.

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