Marcus Lee: Winning the National Championship is "all we plan on doing"

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


MARCUS-LEE-UK-JERSEY The venerable Larry Vaught recently caught up with Marcus Lee, one of Kentucky's six incoming McDonald's All-Americans. We've heard the incoming freshmen talk about how excited they are for the upcoming season and their shared goal of winning a National Championship, something Lee says is "stuck" in their minds:
“Winning the national championship has gone through our minds. Now it’s stuck in our minds. That is all we plan on doing, especially since we are all big competitors. We will refuse to lose next year."
(Nice use of one of Cal's slogans, Lee. You're a natural already) If their talent wasn't mind-boggling enough, the freshmen have also been fortunate enough to play together and form chemistry during the numerous All-American games over the past few months. Lee says that experience has been invaluable, and helped the six bond: “I think it is great to be together like that. It helps us mesh quicker and gives us more time to be together. We all get to be around each other, laugh and joke around together. That has to help for next year. ...We are similar but we are still different. We get along real well. We are joking around probably 90 percent of the time. The other players are probably tired of us always talking about Kentucky, but we are loving it. There are six of us. If five of us are not talking about Kentucky, the sixth one will be. We are really excited to get there and do greatness.” We're excited too, Marcus.

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