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marcus-lee-1 In a new feature called "In Their Own Words" over at, Marcus Lee writes about his new life as a Kentucky Wildcat in Lexington. Lee, the first to contribute to the series, recounts his weekend as a manager for the Calipari Fantasy Camp, the team's meeting with a communication expert later that week, and then looks ahead to the Big Blue Madness campout:
The last thing I wanted to talk about before I get out of here is next week’s campout for Big Blue Madness tickets. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it. Last year, being on the outside of the players looking in as a fan, I thought it was amazing how many people came to the campout and how they swarm each player over and over. I thought it was pretty awesome. The special effects they had during the actual Madness, it kind of just pulled me in really quick to come here. Now that I get to finally be a part of it, I’m kind of excited and scared at the same because there are going to be so many people. I know how serious this is to our fans, but I’m excited to see how it all works out and to be able to interact with the Big Blue Nation before the season starts.  If you see me out there, make sure you say what’s up to me.
[In their own words: Lee adjusts to life as a Wildcat]

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