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As a blogger, especially one that’s new to this site, I’m no stranger to criticism.  So it is with great understanding that I wish to tell Mark Titus that I sympathize with him.  It would seem that the Ohio State walk on suffers a lot of criticism from arm chair head coaches, about how he sits on the bench to how he warms up during the pre-game shoot around.  Because honestly that’s all anyone sees of him.  Due to this, some people have begun to question his basketball ability.  The nerve! Well Mark is here to show you that he does, in fact, have what it takes to be a division one practice player. If only all walk ons could dribble lightning onto the court.

This is easily one of the funniest videos I have seen all week, if not solely for the epic fundamentals montage.  Meanwhile, no verification has been made about a potential Boogie and the Walk On TV show, but I’m going to keep an eye on it.

Side note: For those of you wanting to hear yet another pundit talk about how awesome Kentucky is this year, hop on over to the chat wrap for Jay Bilas of ESPN.  He says the same things they all do, that Kentucky is the most talented team and “If they get older fast, Kentucky could be the best team at the end of this season.” Way to step out on a limb there, Jay.

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