Mark Stoops after Kentucky's Belk Bowl win: "We don't take sh*t from nobody!"


Kentucky’s comeback win vs. Virginia Tech in the Belk Bowl was thrilling, but wait until you see the scene in the locker room afterwards. Jordan Wright went live on Instagram to capture Lynn Bowden and Mark Stoops’ postgame speeches, and you need to stop what you’re doing and watch them.

The video is NSFW, so I’ve also transcribed the speeches below.


“I swear to God, man. It’s been a pleasure to play with you all, man. For the guys that came here when I did three years [ago], and the ones I met this year, I couldn’t do nothing, I couldn’t be in the position I’m in without you all man. Through the ups and the downs, through the bad days and the good days, you all always stuck around with me, you know what I mean? And for Coach, you took me in, man. Y’all took me in even though I’m a hot head, y’all still worked with me, man. For the ones that it’s their last game in the Big Blue, we went out with a bang! For the ones that have years to go, I don’t expect nothing downhill from here, I expect uphill from here!”


“What more can you say? Lynn said it all. There’s love for every one of you. And the guys that are leaving, I cannot thank you enough. We cannot thank you enough. We absolutely love you guys. For the guys that are coming back, there’s more to come. And listen, these guys have set the precedent. WE DON’T TAKE SH*T FROM NOBODY!”

My quarterback. My coach.

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