Mark Stoops' comments on Kash Daniel

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One of the big questions on Kentucky fans’ minds after Saturday’s game is, what’s up with Kash Daniel? The senior linebacker started the game vs. UT Martin and made four tackles in the first half, but sat out the second half with what the radio broadcast called a “non-medical” issue. Today, Mark Stoops assured reporters that Kash will play in Saturday’s game vs. Louisville, his final home game as a Kentucky Wildcat.

“Kash is good. It’s hard. Kash is one of those guys that just, he leaves everything out there. He practices so hard and he plays so hard and he has some frustrations at times because he thinks he’s getting beat at times.

“He’s one of those guys, there’s no question, that each year — you know, last year, he had surgeries to take care of his body in the offseason. It took him a long time to be healthy. This year, as the year goes on, same thing. He has some ups and some downs. Given everything he’s gotten, I’m really proud of Kash and what he’s done and overcoming some adversity and things that maybe not everybody knows about. Each individual is different and goes through some ups and downs and has a lot of trials and tribulations and things going on in their personal life and their family’s life that are just very hard.

“But the young man gave us everything he’s got all the time. We love him. He’s a great teammate and he’s ready to go. He’ll be back out there ready to go this week, so proud of him and the things he’s had to overcome.”

Kash’s senior season may not have gone how he wanted in terms of pursuing an NFL dream, but Stoops said he’d welcome Kash on his coaching staff if that’s something he’s interested in.

“That’s up to Kash and what he wants to do. I know it’s hard to make those decisions right now, as you go through a long and stressful season and you’re beaten up mentally and physically, as I mentioned, how difficult it is. I don’t want him to make any of those decisions right now.

“He has time after this week to heal a little bit, rest up but I know it’s hard for him because he plays so hard that his body just feels like it may be time to move on to something different, but that’s his decision and when and where and why and how he wants to make it is up to him. As fas as working here or doing something with me, you never know. Certainly, you’d love a guy like that and everything he’s done for the program, I would welcome that as well.”

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