Mark Stoops drops a bomb during the Mark Stoops Show

TJ Walker10/22/18


Article written by:On3 imageTJ Walker
[caption id="attachment_239702" align="alignnone" width="600"] @UKFootball[/caption] Sometimes you get repeated quotes from the Monday luncheon during the Mark Stoops Show later that evening, but that was far from the case tonight. While talking with Tom Leach, Mark Stoops said that he will play multiple/several quarterbacks against Missouri on Saturday. Terry Wilson will be the starter, but it sounds like we will see Gunnar Hoak get some reps. Maybe even Danny Clark, too. Leach sounded a bit surprised by the huge news and double checked with Stoops. "Yeah, we'll see how it goes," Stoops said. It sounded like Stoops was willing to give Wilson a pass for the Texas A&M game but was "disappointed" with how he played against Vanderbilt on Saturday. Stoops said he thinks the two turnovers early in the game impacted his play. “We still have a lot of confidence in Terry, but he didn’t play a very good game last week.” Whoa. Wilson has been below average over the last couple games but this is huge news. Will this motivate Wilson? Make him play more timid? Will Hoak or Clark be able to add a spark? Will taking Wilson out hurt or help the rushing attack? This isn't a throwaway season where you're playing for the future. Kentucky has a chance to do special things now. Stoops also had updates that he talked about this morning but went into more detail during the show:
  • Stoops said they have kicker Chance Poore ready to go and you'll likely see him on Saturday
  • Kash Daniel had "minor" surgery on his hand and he's day-to-day. Stoops said he will be out there tomorrow or Wednesday with a club or cast on his hand. He will play on Saturday. "You'd have to cut his hand off (if you didn't want him to play)," Stoops said.
  • Stoops said that Josh Allen is one of the best defensive players in the country. We agree.
  • Stoops realizes how big of a game Saturday is, but jokes that every game is his biggest game.

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