Mark Stoops is "Good Friends" with Jack Daniels

Mark Stoops is "Good Friends" with Jack Daniels

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The Kentucky football program is in a better place thanks to Mark Stoops' relationship with Jack Daniels.  It's not the Jack Daniels you're thinking of...or is it? One of the most talked about names from Stoops' first game-week press conference was Cedrick Dort. Stoops believes the true freshman cornerback has a chance to play in UK's first game, even though we had not heard much about the early enrollee until today. "I think he’s just been steady," Stoops said. "He’s gotten better, every day, just goes about his business. He’s a guy that we need to continue to develop and get stronger and get bigger, but he’ll do that. He just, he’s steady." While taking the time to brag about Dort, Stoops brought up his high school head coach, Jack Daniels. "He has good instincts. He comes from a great program, Dwyer High School. A good friend of mine (is the coach) with a beautiful name, Jack Daniels.  Jack and I go back many, many years, both figuratively and literally.  Jack’s a good man." Watch the hi-jinx unfold: Don't worry bourbon lovers.  Before he finished his tongue-in-cheek remark, Stoops saved himself from a controversy by condemning that disgusting concoction that calls The Volunteer State home.

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