Mark Stoops won't look at the SEC East Standings
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Mark Stoops won't look at the SEC East Standings

Nick Roushabout 3 years


Article written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


To celebrate the Bye Week, Mark Stoops enjoyed a stress-free Saturday. "It was good to sit back and watch other people," said the UK head coach.  "It was a wild weekend, that’s for sure. But it was good. It was good to sit there and be stress free for a day." He saw plenty of football in-between Dad duties for a son's birthday party, but he didn't take the time to see where things stood once the dust settled.  He has not yet looked at the SEC East standings and he is telling his players to do the same. "We’re going to be one week at a time.  We know that.  I’ve said that all year.  We’re going to try to go 1-0. We’re going to try to win this week and put ourselves in a position to win this week. We have six one-week seasons left." Stoops may not have his eye on them, but it's an injustice to look away from these beautiful standings. It's fun to look down the road and play out the many possible scenarios.  While we try to forecast the future that could put Kentucky in Atlanta, Stoops just wants to make sure his team is ready to play against a hungry Vanderbilt team. "Vandy is a team that’s really well coached. I have a lot of respect for Derek (Mason) and what he does and how he coaches," Stoops said. "They’re just looking for that breakthrough. They had a great opportunity to beat Notre Dame and then had a great opportunity against Florida; two very, very good football teams.  You see what they’re capable of.  Vandy is a good team.  They’re hungry.  They play hard.  We’re going to have to play very good football." [mobile_ad]

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