Marquis Teague Situation Heads Toward Conclusion

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
teague There may have been no recruitment I have enjoyed less than that of Marquis Teague. Understand, that is not Teague's fault. He has said nothing, given no hints and basically done what a good recruit should do...keep things to himself. But the rumor mill on Teague has been exhausting. Not only have we had the usual string of internet know-it-alls, but we have had recruiting analysts, friends of friends, rival teams' fan sites and even other schools' coaching staffs being quoted for where they allegedly believe Teague is headed. It is all quite exhausting. Tomorrow at 1:30 pm however, it will be concluded and we can all move on. Where will Teague go is the operative question and at this point. no one really knows what he will do. Some suspect Louisville, some suspect Kentucky but the common denominator is that no one really knows. What we do know is that whoever gets the PG is getting the best PG talent in the 2011 class and a potential star in the John Wall-mode, who is still rising up the charts. If Kentucky gets him, he will combine with Gilchrist for a one-two punch that hasnt been seen in college basketball in quite some time. If Louisville gets him, it will be validation for Rick Pitino for the years of work he has put into recruiting the kid and showcases that he still can occasionally compete on the large scale. If any other school gets him, it will be quite a shock and will showcase that anything can happe in recruiting. Larry Vaught says he is hearing Louisville...Cincy people say Louisville...then they are hearing Kentucky. Frosted Tips wants $300 and he will tell you everything twice just to make sure he doesnt miss out. It is an exhausting affair if you let it be. But personally I am much more interested in the Mark Krebs podcast and looking forward to tomorrow at 1:30, when we will know and can move on to the next recruit and potentially, a summer of rest and relaxation.

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