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marty As I was looking through the list of historical birthdays for tonight's post, a lot of names jumped out. I could have focused on an author named Mischner, an actress named Fairchild or a Senator named Clay....but then I would have had to leave out a former Rocker named Janetty. I have had a rebirth of 1980s and 90s wrestling in my mind in recent weeks, thanks to the movie "The Wrestler" and memories from my childhood have overflowed. Whether it is Snuka coming off the cage, Virgil kicking the Million Dollar Man or Papa Shango making the Ultimate Warrior puke, all of the things that made wrestling great are returning and calming me, like a midnight reading of "Goodnight Moon." Along those lines, seeing that Marty Janetty turns 49 today was somehow comforting. You may remember Janetty as the "Cooper Manning" of the Rockers, destined to be overshadowed by his more interesting, handsome and successful tag team partner. Janetty's fate was sealed that summer day when the WWF creative team came to him with the idea of a breakup between the two partners that "surely will launch the career of both of you to the top." Next thing you know, Michaels is the Heartbreak Kid, headed for a Hall of Fame career, and Janetty is thrown through a window, headed to a local Dennys. Marty joins the likes of the rest of the Police, N Sync and the Davidson basketball team as the partners left behind. He may have nothing else, but today he has our birthday wishes. To the news Jeeves.... (1) Slowly, like a Ventrell Jenkins fumble return, the 2009 Kentucky football recruiting class is rumbling towards the homestretch. And one of the best kept secrets of this year is that it could very well be Kentucky's best class ever. Folks need to be excited about the ramifications as with a couple of late commitments, Kentucky could get a Top 25 class for potentially the first time in this program's history. When you consider that the vast majority of those commitments are from out of state kids who the Cats got after top schools had recruited them as well, then the enormity of what will happen on Wednesday finally takes shape. Folks this is a TOP notch job by the UK recruiters and it deserves to be celebrated. Not one, but TWO top notch QBs coming in, a host of RBs that fill big voids, a great athlete at TE, a celebrated center wanted by every school in America....and that is just what we know now. Wednesday will be a great day for the UK football even if you dont follow FB recruiting, take a minute to keep up with the happenings....who knows when we will see this kind of class again. (2) And even though the group already assembled is impressive, there could be more to come. I continue to hear that there is another commitment held by the FB staff that hasnt yet been made public, and I am not the only such source on the subject. Rob Gidel (whose source is different than mine) is hearing the same thing and thus speculation races as to who it could be. The two most interesting possibilities are 5 star safety Darren Myles out of Georgia (whose teammate may have committed earlier) and in state stud Justin Green, who as of now, has a verbal to Ohio State. IF the Cats can pull EITHER one of these players, they all of a sudden rise a few more spots in the rankings and knock on the door for a class that gets national notice. Both kids have been considered a long shot....but you just never know and if you sense the good feeling coming from the football complex in Lexington, you start to wonder if they have some big news that they cant wait to share. We shall see. (3) On the basketball front, Billy Gillispie had a press conference tonight at Sal's. I was unable to attend due to a prior press conference commitment for Bruce Pearl at Hooters, but it looks as if we missed little in the way of news. Gillispie still believes that the Cats arent "taking it personal" when they are beaten on defense, but it is still unclear what exactly he means or how it is different than the ubiquitous comments about "being tough." Gillispie did hear some criticism on his call-in show tonight from a fan, who let him have it a bit. To Gillispie's credit however, he treated the man with respect (more than was given him by the caller) and handled the instance well, remarking again about Kentucky fans' passion. Mississippi State comes to town tomorrow night in a (yes we will say it again) BIG game. Last year Jarvis Varnardo dominated this game and controlling that matchup (whether it be by Patterson or Stevenson) could be the key to the game. (4) Finally, some sad news tonight. It has been learned that Hal Mumme has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will be receiving treatments in Lexington, Kentucky over the next couple of months. Mumme made the decision to make the announcement public today and will have a press conference tomorrow on the subject. We wish Hal nothing but the best and pray for his recovery. It is a big day today on the site....we will release the Kentucky Sports Radio podcast at 11 am, Bobby Perry brings a post this afternoon, we begin the Haters Ball bracket and we get you ready for Mississippi State.....all the while giving you any info on Signing Day that may break. You cant get better than that, even if you pay. So stay tuned............

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