Masthay Invited to Green Bay

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Music City Bowl Kentucky Football

Tim is seen strengthening his legs for the Lambeau Leap.

Sources say that the second best red headed football player (closely following yours truly, of course,) to graduate from the University of Kentucky has received an invitation to the Packers training camp.  He has been asked to come to train with the team, and compete with the other punters in an attempt to kick one of them off the team (pun fully intended and most certainly apologized for.)  Tim’s Senior Year he averaged 45.2 yards per punt, and about a million yards per kick off.  The seated punter for the Packers is currently averaging only 43.8.

Breaking into the NFL as a punter or kicker can be a tough job to accomplish.  The fact of the matter is, there area  a lot of skilled players coming out of college, and come draft day, teams are more focused on Offense or Defense.  Regardless, Masthay has proven himself to be a solidly great at his position, and has weapons he can add outside of his leg strength.  Add to that his speed and athleticism, which allowed for him to make timely tackles even in the SEC, and he has to look enticing to  many NFL teams. And of course, who could forget his clutch play in the Music City Bowl?

I’m certain I’m not alone when I wish Tim the best up north.  We certainly missed his consistency this year, and if he is given enough opportunities, he definitely possesses the tools needed to make it in the next level. So long as Jay Leno doesn’t try and come back.  Wait, I think I got him confused with Brett Favre.  Oh well.

Good luck Tim.

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