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Don’t underestimate Brett, I hear she’s a beast.

As anyone who has seen at least a couple basketball games can tell you, often times you can predict the outcome of a game merely by looking at how one team ‘matches up’ with another.  For instance, look at the US vs Canada hockey game from the other night.  Canada’s game plan to win involved scoring lots of goals.  However, what they failed to take into account, was that the United States team has Neo from the Matrix as a goalie.  Advantage, and game, to God’s Country.  So, what are the match ups you should be looking out for tonight? Well I’m glad you asked, because if you didn’t, all of my top secret spy surveillance training would have gone to waste.


Devan Downey               John Wall

The direction a game heads can often be decided by how the respective teams point guards enforce their will upon their opponents.  In Columbia, Wall actually had a fairly decent game, finishing with 19 points in spite of shooting 6-16 from the field.  Downey, of course, finished with 30.  To Walls credit, though, Downey took 29 shots.  For Kentucky to win, Wall will have to be the better guard tonight, and help to find ways to keep Downey out of the lane.  If you offered me a straight trade, Downey for Wall, I’d call you an idiot and get you locked up in the looney bin.  But as history has proven, Downey plays phenomenally against Kentucky, so I think this match up is a push.


Sam Muldrow            Big Boogie Cuz

Muldrow is the only semblance of a true post player that the gamecocks have, and in Columbia he actually played decently.  He finished with 9 points, 11 boards, and 5 blocks.  Not bad.  Of course, Boogie finished with 27, 12, and 3. The edge in the post, as has been and will continue to be all year, goes to Kentucky.

VS       1600x1200_rupp_arena_2

Devan Downey                   Rupp Arena’s Nets

But in reality, the only player that matters on the gamecocks is Devan Downey.  He is capable of lighting the scoreboard up, as we have seen time and time again.  But, from what I’ve heard, he is mortal and can be susceptible to good defense – at times.  Downey will take his shots, whether he gets them or not.  In fact, in his last game he had only 15 points.  He does tend to play worse away from South Carolina, though, so I’ll give the check mark to Rupp Arena, in this case.

VS       sc

Devan Downey                   His Own Team

I know, I know, I just said Downey was the only USC player that mattered… but is he?  In fact, in games where Downey takes 13 or fewer shots, the team is 6-0.  In games where he takes more than 20?  3-7.  Even when they beat us in South Carolina, the rest of his team shot a higher percentage than he did.  But knowing Downey, and knowing that he has averaged over 21 shots a game since he beat us, chances are the statistic will turn to 3-8 after tonight. In this match up, the check goes to Kentucky. Even if they weren’t technically part of it.

VS  sun

Darrin Horn                         Sunlight

Finally, I like Horn.  I’m from Western Kentucky, so I have to like him at least a little bit.  But I can’t be alone in thinking the man looks like Count Chocula.  Fortunately the game doesn’t start until nine, so unless Scratch is actually a werewolf trying to steal his wife, he should be safe.  (Siva, that one was for you.)  Check goes to Horn.

In all seriousness, I expect the Cats to demolish the Cocks tonight.  82-66.

Go Cats.

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