Matt Elam puts Kentucky in his top five

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MattElam Earlier this week, we told you how Matt Elam was getting some major attention from Alabama. The defensive tackle from E-town skyped with Nick Saban and got a visit from Alabama assistant coach Lance Thompson this week, but in an interview with 247's Charles Power, says he still has the Cats in his top five:
“I would say my top five in no order is Kentucky, Alabama, Louisville, Tennessee, and Florida. But if other colleges like Ohio State or Florida State for instance come in, I’d like to think they could make the top five. I’m just trying to keep my mind open and talk to all these coaches.”
That's pretty lofty company. What did he have to say about the Cats? Read on...
“UK, I wouldn’t say they’re pressuring me to commit, but they’re talking a lot about it now. Drew Barker is about to make his decision and they’re talking about possibly getting his commitment. I wouldn’t say they’re pressuring me, but showing a lot of love. They’re showing me how the team is going to be with Coach Stoops coming in. He’s a defensive guy and I’m a defensive player, so he’s talking about how they could help me and how I could help with the rebuilding.”
Should we call it the Drew Barker domino effect?

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