Matt Elam returned to practice and more notes from Stoops' Call-In Show

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matt-elam Coming off the Bye Week, The Mark Stoops Show was the most uneventful one this season (for the most part).  Even though his spirits were high and he was discussing the changes in his program more intimately than usual, he did not receive a call until halfway through the show. During the time spent taking with Tom, he revealed that Matt Elam returned to practice today.     The week off helped with the depth on the defensive line, getting Kengera Daniel and Jordan Bonner more reps to prepare them to step in behind Denzil Ware and Josh Allen. More notes... --  One caller had to be a jerk.  In a show that didn't feature many calls, some wise guy found a way in.  He started by asking if Patrick Towles was still on the team, then he asked, "If Coach Mullen gets fired, do you think he could come to Kentucky maybe?"   Stoops took it like a champ.  In the next break, he relayed a message he sends to his players: you got to have thick skin, "much like this radio show." --  Two redshirts that are standing out.  A caller from McCracken County wanted to know how Stoops planned on using Zy'Aire Hughes in the future.  The timing was serendipitous. Stoops just left the practice field after talking to trash to Derrick Baity about Hughes.  Stoops said he and  Hughes could beat Baity in a one-on-one drill, "But I didn't trust my arm at all."  Hughes has used the year well, gaining good weight while displaying "sudden" change of direction in the slot. Drake Jackson is another impressive redshirt performer.  "We didn't need him this year, but he's a guy that was capable of doing it." --  Recruiting is going well.  After heading to South Florida with a few assistant coaches this weekend, he returned to hear good news from assistants who traveled elsewhere. "(It's) Going very well.  I've been very encouraged.  Our guys were on the road and we got a very positive response." Stoops is anxious to see what that can turn into if they can get some positive momentum going in the second half of the season. --  Benny's Dad is Big too.  Stoops said Benny takes after his dad, a former pro.  "You could suit him up right now."  A couple Twitter followers who have met Mr. Snell approve Stoops' statement. --  Miss. State is better than their record.  They're only 2-4 and 1-2 in the SEC, but don't let that fool you.  "Records don't always indicate how tough it is to win," he said.  "Their record doesn't indicate how good they are." With an athletic quarterback and powerful play in the trenches, Saturday will be a dogfight. --  Stopping a dual-threat quarterback.  Stoops believes the defense has improved against running quarterbacks.  Some of that can be credited to facing Stephen Johnson in practice.  Nonetheless, there are still setbacks from time-to-time because it's so difficult to defend. "A lot of times you're one-on-one with a quarterback and that can hurt you," he said.  "I don't know a team in the country that hasn't been hurt by a mobile quarterback." The key to slowing down a runner is by remaining disciplined in the rush lanes.  They can't let Nick Fitzgerald get comfortable in the pocket by carefully picking and choosing when to be aggressive with the blitz. -- One thing UK must improve: Eliminate turnovers.  I think Stoops has been listening to the KSR Football Podcast because that's exactly what we said last week. --  Bye Week Ones vs. Ones.  Instead of strictly playing against the scout team, last week they frequently practiced with the best against the best. --  Praise for the other QB.  After talking about all of the quarterbacks except Luke Wright at today's press conference, he wanted to make sure we heard a few good things about Wright.  If Johnson has a slight injury, they will not immediately pull Hoak's redshirt jersey.  Stoops said Wright knows the offense well and has performed efficiently in practice. --  The best part of UK's rushing game.  Vanderbilt held Florida to 92 rush yards and Georgia to only 75, yet the Cats pounded away for 258.  What made it even more impressive: "What I was proud of, sometimes the whole stadium knew we were running the ball -- they certainly did -- and we still got yards."

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