Matt Jones: "I got emotionally attached to Toy Story 3" (Plus Ole Miss Injury News)

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As everyone can attest, sometimes you attend staff meetings and absolutely nothing happens besides somebody giving a presentation about changes in the company...blah blah blah.  They last an hour and you move on with your life.  Well, today I was lucky enough to attend a staff meeting with one Matt Jones.  And the meeting was actually semi-interesting, but was generally just an executive talking with a PowerPoint.  That was until this little conversation occured: EXECUTIVE (When talking about how to get more listeners): "Who here has seen Toy Story 3?" MATT (hand shoots up along with anybody in the room with kids) EXECUTIVE (Looking at Matt semi-confused): "OK, did you cry at the end of the movie?" MATT (thinking about if he should tell the truth): "Ummmm, no, but I just got really attached to the characters and knew this was the last movie." (Voice cracking and clearly unable to continue)<-------that might just be my interpretation Now, I was sitting directly behind Matt and thus he could not see my face, but it could best be described as both confused, embarrassed, and comical at the same time.  I mean, I love Woody and Buzz as much as the next guy, but that was when the first Toy Story came out in 1995.  Can't say the characters drew me in enough to want to watch them at the age of 25, much less 30.  So anyway, I just thought I would give Matt one quick poke of embarrassment considering I probably owe him a few hundred.  Now I know I can get him a Buzz Lightyear doll for Christmas. _________________________________________________________________________ As far as Kentucky news, it looks like Ole MIss will be without several starters for the game Saturday, which is certainly good news for the Cats. Running back Enrique Davis is out after knee surgery, strong safety Johnny Brown is doubtful with a knee bruise, and cornerback Jeremy Mcgee is recovering from a concussion and is not know if he will play.  Also, starting defensive end Kentrell Lockett is out after tearing a knee ligament last Saturday.  Also, some reports say Houston Nutt could miss the game with a case of the Stupids, also known as the BTI's.    We wish those guys speedy recoveries, just not too speedy to see them play Saturday.  Go Cats.  Free Enes.

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