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Matt Jones responds to story on his potential run for Senate

Drew Franklin03/26/18


Article written by:On3 imageDrew Franklin


KSR's own Matt Jones is a hot topic in political conversations today, after Politico released a story on him considering a run for Senate in 2020. You can read that story here, if you haven't already: "This Liberal Sports Radio Host Thinks He Can Take Down Mitch McConnell." On today's edition of KSR radio, Matt took a moment to discuss the article and his political aspirations with his listeners. He started by saying, "If (Mitch McConnell) runs, then I want to run. Because I think I can beat him and he needs to go." "But (the story) made it sound like I had already declared," he continued. "Let me just say: I have not declared... The reason I haven't declared is: (1) it's a long time away and life can change; but (2) him running is a big part of it. A big part of why I want to do it is because he needs to go, and I think I'm a person who can beat him. But if he didn't run, I'm not saying I wouldn't do it, but it's a different calculus for me." Matt and the guys also had some fun poking fun of the story's descriptions of his wardrobe and haircut -- which were pretty accurate -- among other things, like quotes from other folks in politics on each side of the aisle. But the main theme of Matt's response to the story is: yes, he will seriously consider running if Mitch McConnell wants another term; but, he hasn't fully committed to any decision at this time. He plans to decide after next year's NCAA tournament. Matt also said he won't "throw away his life's work" if he doesn't seriously think he can win, should it come to that. Listen to his entire comments from Monday's show: [audio m4a="http://kentuckysportsradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/matt-politico.m4a"][/audio] "He needs to go, and I can do it."

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