Matt Jones, your thoughts on the Enes Kanter ruling?

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
enes-scooter Over at the pretty house across town that he moved into, our good buddy Matt Jones does what he does best.  He put his fancy education to good use and broke down the strange inconsistencies in the high-profile NCAA rulings lately and how they make the choice to sit Enes Kanter permanently a bit peculiar.  Matt says a lack of coherent reasoning in the Ohio State, Josh Selby and Cam Newton cases add up to some question marks for Enes. Still not convinced to check out out?   Take a look at this little tidbit on the permanent ineligibility:
While that decision might seem a bit irrational, viewed in the abstract, it could at least be defended.  But of course, the NCAA does not operate in a vacuum, and over the course of the last three months has issued three high-profile decisions allowing three high-profile players to compete despite amateurism violations.  Each could be defended with some tenuous logic when released, but when viewed together with the Kanter decision, no consistent theme can be found.
See, I told you he was getting all fancy and smart.  And making us pretty darn proud too.  Make sure you check it out (another link if you missed the first) and then, as usual, think about, talk about it.  NCAA, if you're reading this, you can feel free to do the same. #StillEnescent

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