Matt/KSR gets honorable mention in national sports media rankings

Matt/KSR gets honorable mention in national sports media rankings

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Matt Jones may be galavanting across Europe, but last night, he was mentioned in some rare company in the sports media industry. Ryan Glasspiegel of The Big Lead put together a list of the 40 most powerful talents in sports media under the age of 40, and while KSR didn’t crack the top 40, Matt did receive honorable mention, along with the likes of Ben Cohen of The Wall Street Journal, Jay “Smokin'” Cutler of Fox, and our old pal Jay Williams from ESPN. Not bad company.

What does it take to make this list? Per Glasspiegel, the ability to shape discussion, make news, and report and create original content via opinion or breaking news. If you follow Matt’s mentions on any given day, you know he’s good at all three.

Take a moment to go check out the list for yourself, as it includes some very familiar names at the top, including some recent KSR guest hosts and a former KSR writer at No. 1 and No. 2.

[The Big Lead: 40 Under 40]

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